NW Expo – Albany, OR

It’s show season right now. The two show I will attend will be The Fly Fishing Show in Bellevue, WA (which has come and gone by now) and the NW Expo in Albany, OR on March 8th and 9th.

The NW Expo is my Super Bowl. I prepare for this every year and look forward to it for months. To me it is the kick off to the fishing season and really the indicator that it’s time to ramp up my fishing prep and get as many flies tied in the off season for the main fishing season here in Oregon. If you have never been it is worth taking the time to go and attend at least one day.

What to Expect

This is a fly tying show mostly. There will be around 200 fly tyers tying flies over the course of two days. I will be one of those tyers and I’ll be tying jetty flies I use for rockfish and lingcod on the Oregon Coast. The other 199 tyers will be tying flies like full dress Atlantic salmon flies, spey and dee steelhead flies, trout flies, tarpon flies, deer hair flies, spring creek dry flies, carp flies, realistic flies, bass flies, euro nymphs, and everything in between. If there is a fly style you are interested in someone is tying it and you get to sit down in front of them and watch them tie. I highly encourage bring a notebook and a pen so you can take notes and go back to your tying desk. I would also say to bring a spare fly box if you have one so you can collect flies from the tyers that are generous enough to let you take a fly they tie.


The booths there range from fly fishing clubs to fly shops to notable brands that will have things for you to join or buy. I always reregister with my local club at the show and look for a deal on materials that some shops are discounting. It it worth it to get in early and stay late for the best picks or deals. Last year I cleaned up on high quality soft hackles from the Hareline/Keough booth and got a new reel for the local fly shop I wanted. Make sure to bring your petty cash.


The classes and workshops are a real value. I’ve taken and taught many of them over the years. David Paul Williams became a friend because I took a class from him and I have made many other friends from teaching them. My buddy Cooper is teaching a class on fly fishing the jetty so I’m partial towards that one but there is a casting, tying, or fishing class for everyone.


The fishing simulator will be a big deal at this show. They are bringing two of these devises and hooking up fly rods to them. I was able to test them out and I’m telling you this, they feel as close to the real thing as you can get. It will be worth waiting in line for sure.


The NW Expo is 100% worth it no matter if this is your first year fly fishing or tying or your 50th. I encourage all of my readers and followers to attend. It is a great place to meet people and make friends.


See you there


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