Stillwater Flies and How to Fish Them

I’ve been going around Oregon speaking at fly fishing clubs. Where I have been covering topics like searun cutthroat, euro nymphing, fly fishing off the jetty, and much more. Recently while speaking at the Santiam Flycasters in Salem, Oregon they recorded my talk about stillwater flies. I don’t have much in the way of youtube at the moment but I thought I would share this with the readers of the blog. It is about an hour long and I cover a lot of topics in that time, I would recommend to listen to this like a podcast. So feel free to comment down below or shoot me an email or send us a message through the contact page if you have questions about anything I cover in the video or any other topic of fly fishing or tying. If there is anything you want me to go more in depth with let me know and I can write about that as well. Also, if your club would like to come speak let me know through my contact page as well.


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