Wet Fly Swing Podcast – Returns

I was back on the Wet Fly Swing podcast. I looked it up and the last time I was on the show it was August of 2021 so it’s been a while. On that show which can be found here, I talked about a lot of fly tying stuff in general but mostly focused on tying euro nymphs. This podcast is totally different, I talk about fly fishing on the jetties of the Oregon coast for rockfish. We get really into it so if you don’t want to read the blog posts I’ve written about the topic or you want even more information then take a listen. This show comes on the heels of another show I did with the Fly fishing 97 podcast that came out about a week and half ago. So if you can’t get enough of me feel free to listen to that episode right here. If you have any questions or comments leave the down below or shoot us a message through our contact page, otherwise enjoy the listen.

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