Fly Fishing Insider Podcast Guest Spot

I was on the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast. On the show I talked with Christian, the host, about the the backstage experience I’ve had over the years in the fly tying industry. I also get into tying with deer hair and how that applies to so mush more in fly tying and how the people I have connected with, at these shows, have taught me about fly tying even though our tying methods are so wildly different. Listening back to the show it’s a big information dump about a lot of good people in fly the fly tying world. I also want to plug the fact that I had some flies feature in Favorite Flies for Oregon a John Shewey book. I met him through the shows as well and he helped open the door into writing. The magazine articles really came from attending the shows. I also will have two more magazine articles come out this year regarding jetty fly fishing on the Oregon coast and the importance of hook choice when tying flies, both coming out in Fly Fishing & Tying Journal. So check all of that out and more if you’re interested in more stuff from me.


Please enjoy the show and always if you want to reach out to Garren or myself for flies, presentations, questions, or comments please feel free to leave a comment below or use the contact page.

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