NW Expo 2020 – A Fly Tying Show

Every year I write about the NW Expo held in Albany Oregon and why you and the reader of these articles should attend the show. The show is an awesome showcase of local and national tyers. There are also educational components to the show like the classes they offer. I’ve […]

Ultimate Foam Popper Head Coating

I recently did some experimenting with clear coating on foam popper heads. I’ve wanted to find a better way to coat and protect my popper heads than what I was doing before. Like those who tie flies for big predatory fish like bass, pike, muskie, dorado, peacocks, etc. you want […]

Fly Design for Pacific Rockfish

Recently I went out to go after pacific rockfish on the fly off a jetty here in Oregon. It was a blast. From the process I learned some good information about fly construction and design. By no means am I an expert on catching these fish, but I have tied […]

NW Expo 2019

I’ve written these posts almost every year for the last five or six years. I love the Northwest Fly Tying Expo and if you haven’t gone or haven’t gone in a while then you need to go and here’s why. Tyers The list of tyers is very impressive and as […]